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Name:Snow Villiers
Birthdate:Feb 23

Player's Name: Kris
AIM/Plurk/email: Isofonia
LJ: wildsaber

Character: Snow Villiers
Series: Final Fantasy XIII
Version: The only one that exists. And he’s from right before the last battle.
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual to the MAX

Appearance: Let’s begin with the fact that Snow is GIGANTIC. He stands at 6’ 7”, with broad shoulders, lots of muscle, and a 33 cm shoe size. He has blonde hair that goes down to his chin, bright blue eyes, and tan skin from living on a beach his whole life. He normally sports a fair bit of stubble that hasn’t quite fashioned itself into a beard, but it’s getting there.

Clothing wise, he wears a fairly loose pair of dark black pants, a shirt that is halfway unbuttoned down his chest, along with a huge overcoat and a pair of heavy boot. There’s a strip of cloth that hangs from his belt that I’m not really sure if it serves a purpose or not. He fights using his hands, and has patches for his coat that increase his strength. Depending on what patch he wears, different stats increase. Snow also wears a black bandana on his head, and a pair of thick leather gloves.

Personality: Snow is a very classic hero type character, he’s brash, hard-headed, confident, and overly optimistic most of the time. He’s not one to respect authority, and likes to consider himself a self-made hero. There are many times during the story where Snow shows total disregard for the government. His bets are placed on people as a whole, not just the select few in power. As the leader of NORA, he takes civilian safety against monsters into his own hands, rather than leaving it to the guardian core. Snow has the type of personality where he either sways a person easily with a huge smile and his bravado, or he pisses the person off to no end. Once he considers you a friend, he will do just about anything to protect you. This probably stems from the fact that Snow was an orphan, with no real family, making it so the guy had to create one of his own.

He has a big heart, and in that sense, he probably wants to crowd as many people as he can inside it. He says himself that after he marries Serah he wants to have a really big family. Snow often rushes into things without a plan, thinking that he will work things out as they come. A hero never runs, and they should always win, because hey, they’re supposed to be the good guys, right? With this line of thinking Snow can come off as naïve, even for someone his age, and this is probably why Sazh lumps him in with the “kids” of the group at the very beginning of the game. Snow is much better at fighting than thinking.

This doesn’t mean that Snow is essentially dumb, or incapable of learning about the world and himself. He may be thick skulled, but even he retains a thing or two over the course of his journey. He tries to cover his guilt over Hope’s mother’s death by acting positively and swearing to protect everyone. But when Hope confronts him, Snow does break down. He yells, he feels guilty, and he knows he has a tendency to run from negative feelings. Whether it was Hope’s maturity, or just Snow’s brain finally catching up, he realizes he has to take the blame for what happened, whether he likes it or not. In this way, we see the side of Snow that doesn’t often come out, the side that can become unsure, upset, and downright depressing if something too much to handle comes along. This doesn’t happen often, but with a huge enough shock to his system, Snow can shut down until someone comes along to motivate him again.

Usually Snow will try to do too much, whether it’s possible or not. He swears to get Serah back from her crystal stasis and save Cocoon at the same time, even though at the time everyone else thought that that was downright crazy. Once Snow gets an idea in his head, he will work to make it happen, despite it being insane. Even with the amount of times Lightning nails him in the face, Snow sticks to his convictions. Even as a Pulse l’cie, he feels it’s his duty to protect Cocoon.

Once thing he hates is watching other people get hurt. Snow will often throw himself in harm’s way if it means protecting other people, even complete strangers. When he didn’t approve of the Purge, Snow instructed NORA to move in and help people escape, despite the fact that it would get the whole government on his tail. And even after being branded as a l’cie, he went out of his way to make sure PSICOM didn’t involve innocent victims while trying to pursue him. Snow can take other people’s disapproval as long as he can keep them safe. Hope quite literally wanted to stab him in the face, but he still tried to take care of the boy even after falling dozens of stories from a ledge and probably shattering a few ribs.

Despite being a giant, Snow has the capacity to be incredibly gentle and kind. He is touchy feely and likes to hug and touch the people he cares about. Very often he will simply pull Serah against him and embrace her, but he does so in a way that you can tell he’s trying to be careful. Even if he can be annoying, Snow likes to comfort people, and really hates to see others upset. He may not always have the brightest ideas, but his heart is almost always in the right place. He has an attitude and acts like a tough guy to be impressive, but he can be a total softy in the family/friend department.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: Snow is a virtual powerhouse. He has the highest HP stat of all the characters in the game, and his specialty role is the Sentinel, though he also makes a very decent Commando. His magic skills are lacking, but his summon is pretty powerful. Snow is built to withstand attacks. He gets a lot of really spectacular guard skills, and is really good at provoking enemies to attack him rather than your other party members.

He charges into battle with only his fists as his weapon. Snow equips a long trench coat with different patches to vary his strength and magic, but he literally throws his whole body into his attacks. His special ability is “Sovereign Fist”, where he essentially leaps into the air and just bashes an enemy’s face in. If told to use magic, his summon and innate elements are ice. The Shiva sisters that guard him can become a rather spiffy motorcycle when in Gestalt mode, and even in regular mode they make a really good team. One sister heals while the other attacks, so it makes it very difficult for Snow to be killed.

Really, as hard headed as Snow might be, he is a very optimistic and caring man. He’s passionate and strong willed, and really doesn’t give up as long as he has strength left within him to fight. He LOVES his friends and family, and once he’s loyal to you it’s very difficult to lose his trust. He’s a WONDERFUL ally to have, he tries to see the good in any situation, no matter how tough things get. On the flip side…. He is a very formidable enemy.

Weaknesses: Snow’s not exactly adept at magic. He really isn’t that great at learning or casting spells, which means he’s really bad at healing himself or keeping track of his stats. Snow is big, which also means he’s a bit slower moving than others. He doesn’t lumber per say, but he’s not quick and speedy like Lightning would be in a fight. Snow has to rely on others for healing and buffs…. he’s just the tank.

I hate to say Snow is stupid, so I won’t. Because he’s not stupid, he just doesn’t always think things through. He’s quick tempered and hot headed, and when he thinks something needs to be done, he’ll rush in without a plan, thinking his brawn and sheer will power will pull him through. The nice thing is he LEARNS that this won’t work as the game moves on. He admits that even he needs a plan sometimes, towards the end of the game. Not that he’s going to sit back and be a complete strategist, that’s just not Snow.

He also doesn’t handle emotional stress or disappointment well. If things don’t go his way and Snow suffers a hard blow to his confidence, he will seriously plummet or he will run away. When he couldn’t face killing Hope’s mom, he just said there was nothing he could do and didn’t even try to make it better. Time after time we see him shut down after a bout of bad news…. Snow just takes things hard sometimes. It’s how he is.

History: God, where do I even begin? Okay, let’s see…..

Snow was born in Bhodum, a small seaside village in Cocoon. He became an orphan at a very young age, which led to him wanting a huge family as he grew up. Making friends easily, Snow grew up to become the head of NORA, which was essentially a monster hunting group made up of him and a few other government disliking folks in Bhodum. NORA stood for No Obligations, Rules, or Authority, but really the group didn’t cause any trouble. They just like pretending to.

When Snow met Serah Farron, he found the love of his life. Their relationship is essentially the start of the Final Fantasy XIII story. When Snow goes to meet Lightning, Serah’s sister, she is totally unimpressed and demands that they stop dating… of course they do not. However, days later Serah breaks up with Snow, and he is left wondering what the hell happened. It turns out Serah was trying to protect him, as she had become a l’cie. When Snow learns this he vows to help her, protect her, and stay with her…. And eventually he proposes. Serah accepts the proposal and Snow is ecstatic.

With Lightning not taking either the news of Serah’s engagement or her l’cie-ness well, Snow is determined to do everything he can to save his fiancé. He tries to take her to the Bhodum vestige, but they are chased by PSICOM soldiers and Serah is taken inside the vestige as a hostage. After explaining things to Lightning, Snow rallies NORA to go save Serah.
This is the start of the Cocoon purge, and Snow’s fight during it is where Hope’s mother is killed and he incurs Hope’s wrath. Not even realizing that Hope is Nora’s son, Snow meets both Hope and Vanille inside the vestige and takes them along with him to find Serah. When they eventually make it there, they meet up with Lightning and Sazh before finding who they were looking for.

Finding Serah doesn’t end well though, and Serah becomes a crystal. Distraught, Snow decides to beg Anima to bring Serah back. Instead, this action really just ends up getting everyone branded as a l’cie and the adventure really gets going. Waking in Lake Bresha, the group can only remember that Ragnarok is somehow involved in their new Focus and they decide to start moving. Eventually they find Serah’s crystallized form and try to free her, but it’s kind of useless. What follows is the ever so amusing Light punching Snow out TWICE scene when he kind of flip flops on his goals of saving the world versus staying with Serah. In the end Snow is reluctant to leave his crystal fiancé, so the group leaves without him to avoid PSICOM.

Snow is ever so lovingly captured. By Fang. And then he brought to Cid and we are basically tricked into thinking that Snow is forced into working for them. Later we learn that Cid and Fang are on our side, and both Snow and Fang leap in to save Hope and Lightning when they are ambushed in Palumpolum. There’s some really snazzy scenes, some cool fighting, and then Snow and Hope get separated from everyone. The two trek through the city, experiencing hate and fear from the citizens, and Snow has to do some fancy heroics in order to keep the general public safe. Then there is Snow and Hope’s big confrontation, Snow hangs from the edge of a building, Hope almost stabs him, there’s a huge explosion, and Snow cracks a few ribs in an attempt to fulfill his promise to Nora and protect her son. Things go well for him.

Snow eventually wakes up and tries to carry Hope to safety…. with the kicker being that Hope’s totally okay and Snow is the one who is injured. A huge monster chases them, and thankfully Fang and Lightning show up before anyone gets their asses handed to them. They escape to Hope’s house so Snow can rest and recover. Unfortunately, they don’t get long and they are attacked by PSICOM during the night. Good thing Snow’s bones knit is under four hours! The four l’cie rally together, and Snow attempts to make a heroic speech but is DENIED. With help from the Renegades, they escape and go off to try and save Vanille and Sazh. This is ACCOMPLISHED! YAY!

But they also learn their Focus from Dysley/Barthandalus (Who woulda guessed HE was a fal’cie?). And no one is pleased. Snow kind of spirals into depression for a bit, and only snaps from it with a little consolation from Lightning. The l’cie group hops a ship and end up in some old training facility, which they make their way through and face Cid at the end. He is also a l’cie who is trying to defy his fate. Needless to say, the group wins, and Snow is inspired by Cid’s sacrifice. This is when they make their way to Pulse, and basically nothing of consequence happens for Snow. He loses some of his enthusiasm as Hope struggles with his own anguish, but eventually finds it again after talking to Vanille about how she met Serah and while having a one on one chat with Lightning. The two promise to see Serah again, and won’t take no for an answer.

Some more adventure type stuff happens, a tower is climbed, and creeper Barthandalus is found…. trying to pass as Serah. Yeah, like that was going to work. The group fights him, wins, and decides to head home. They crash into Cocoon in a spectacular fashion, and try to storm Eden. Things don’t go exactly WELL for the citizens at this point… people are hurt, monsters rampage, and other turn in Ci’eth. It’s not a good time, but the group keeps charging forward. Eventually they make it alllll the way to Barthandalus, and go to fight the last fight. This is where Snow is coming in from. ;3

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